How It Works

We believe you should be able to focus on running your business, and that scalable, flexible and powerful tools should be available to help you. With Dataspree Control, the cost and complexity associated with deploying M2M capabilities is gone and is replaced by a simple deployment plan and monthly service fee. We’ll work with you to determine the right solution for you, then support the inventory and fulfillment of your devices, the activation and provisioning of the devices on the network, and set up access to the dashboard and reports. Then, you take it from there. Our turnkey solutions come with all of the features needed to get tracking right away.

We also know that your business needs may change over time, so we’re prepared. We can upgrade devices, add additional features and scale to thousands of devices as your operations grow. Our solutions are meant to get you up and running quickly, but also to be useful to you for a long time.


About Us

Dataspree Control Solutions are turnkey M2M data services powered by Telespree Communications. As a service, Dataspree offers all of the components needed to launch and maintain M2M operations for a variety of industries – logistics, health, fleet management, construction, food, and more. Dataspree Control Solutions are designed to make previously complicated M2M solutions easier to deploy and scale. Located in San Francisco, Telespree has been supporting customers with affordable, scalable and efficient cloud-based wireless solutions since 2000.